In a landmark move set to revolutionize the automation industry, ServiceNow, a leading vendor in workflow automation, announced a strategic partnership with tech titan Nvidia. The duo plans to develop ‘super-specialized’ generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) models designed to streamline enterprise IT workflows, VentureBeat reports.

ServiceNow’s collaboration with Nvidia comes at a time when the use of generative AI is soaring in the corporate world. Samsara, a pioneer in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), revealed its comprehensive 2023 State of Connected Operations Report, shedding light on the current and future AI trends. Based on a global survey involving more than 1,500 executives from the C-suite and vice-presidential roles, the report presents an insightful view into the state of AI adoption in global enterprises.

A staggering 84% of respondents plan to adopt generative AI by 2024, signifying an increasing reliance on AI in business operations. The findings also highlight the potential of generative AI in transforming business models and strategies, thus boosting productivity and efficiency across various industries.

On the other hand, a mere 5% of the surveyed executives reported having no plans to adopt AI, underlining the almost universal recognition of AI as a fundamental element in shaping the future of business.

The partnership between ServiceNow and Nvidia is expected to leverage Nvidia’s advanced AI capabilities, including its prowess in GPU technology, to augment ServiceNow’s robust workflow automation platform. The collaboration will likely herald a new era of sophisticated, AI-driven solutions for enterprise IT workflows, offering businesses the power to automate and streamline their operations with unprecedented precision and efficiency.

More details about the partnership and the specific AI technologies involved are anticipated to be released in the coming months, as ServiceNow and Nvidia set out to harness the immense potential of generative AI for the global enterprise sector.