Gopal Srinivasan, a seasoned Deloitte executive who heads Generative AI for the Alphabet Google alliance, has explained hat one concern frequently arises during discussions with enterprise clients: “How can we ensure that these models aren’t self-training on our data, potentially benefiting our rivals?”

According to Srinivasan, Google’s immediate response is clear: “Our models won’t do that. Without your explicit consent, your data remains secure within your organization. Any private data used to train the model is exclusively applied to your specific use cases.”

This unique selling point has sparked considerable interest and increased confidence in implementing generative AI within enterprises.

Moreover, Google’s approach isn’t about a single, versatile model, but rather multiple models each excelling in specific tasks.

In a significant development, Deloitte, the consulting and IT services behemoth, is collaborating with Google to create new generative AI solutions. With a workforce of over 10,000 professionals dedicated to assisting customers transition to Google Cloud, Deloitte aims to unlock new opportunities for enterprises globally.

The New York City-based company, valued at $59 billion, is intensifying its focus on Google Cloud. This comes as Google unveils a host of partner resources and new generative AI products across its extensive portfolio.

Source:, Photo: Pixabay