Microsoft has introduced new resources for developers to incorporate generative AI into their corporate software, keeping pace with the rapid evolution and monetization of this budding technology in the realm of Big Tech, Financial Times reports.

The strategy adopted by this US tech giant involves “plug-ins” – connectors that link Microsoft’s 365 Copilot, a generative AI feature in their productivity and collaboration software, to a client’s additional software applications.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that these resources have the potential to optimize routine administrative tasks by eradicating the barriers that exist among various software applications utilized by businesses.

This news comes with the initiation of Microsoft’s annual developer conference and aligns with recent similar steps taken by Google and IBM. The tech industry is hurrying to broaden the accessibility of generative AI to developers and integrate this technology into the workspace.

A Microsoft representative expressed that these plug-ins may eventually be utilized to simplify duties like approving an expense claim or refining a company’s supply chain. The technology is also likely to be embraced by developers to make various work processes more efficient, especially in fields like corporate IT and human resources.

Photo: Wikimedia