WPP, one of the world’s foremost advertising conglomerates, is partnering with NVIDIA, the leading chipmaker, to utilize generative artificial intelligence (AI) for producing large-scale advertising campaigns for its clients.

Announced by NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, the innovative tech platform will dramatically enhance WPP’s efficiency, enabling the creation of campaigns in mere minutes – a process that previously took weeks.

The platform integrates 3D imaging software for generating photo-realistic images, such as cars, which can be utilized in AI-generated video or 2D advertisements. These virtual images can adapt to different settings – from desert landscapes to rainy city streets – a process that traditionally took days with green screen or actual filming.

This streamlined production allows for quick adaptation of advertising campaigns to various markets or locales, creating bespoke advertising for unique digital channels like YouTube or TikTok and their specific user demographics.

WPP’s chief technology officer, Stephan Pretorius, said that generative AI allows for highly personalized advertising, capable of generating thousands of unique versions in minutes. Despite concerns about AI replacing creative roles, WPP’s chief executive Mark Read, believes that AI will be “fundamental” to their business and aid in reducing production costs to meet the demands of new channels.