OpenAI has announced an update to its ChatGPT app on iOS, specifically aimed at improving the user experience on iPads. The new upgrade ensures the app utilizes the full screen of Apple’s tablets, as opposed to functioning like an enlarged iPhone app. The interface retains its chat-centric design and users can still choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 language models.

One of the notable features in this update is the integration of Apple’s Shortcuts. Users can now generate a ChatGPT query in Shortcuts to initiate a new conversation, integrating the AI model directly into Apple’s automation system. The addition of Siri support also allows users to summon ChatGPT using the voice assistant.

The release follows OpenAI’s efforts to gradually enhance its ChatGPT app since the mobile version’s launch last month. These enhancements include improvements to chat history and voice input. OpenAI has also announced its plans to introduce an Android version of the app shortly. Additionally, the company launched a premium subscription service, ChatGPT Plus, earlier this year, providing priority access and the latest GPT-4 model for $20 per month​1​.

Image: Open AI