Salesforce, a leading CRM company, has introduced two generative AI-powered tools, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, aimed at automating repetitive tasks and personalizing campaigns and shopping experiences.

The Marketing GPT, driven by Salesforce’s Data Cloud and the Einstein GPT AI assistant, allows users to use simple language to find new audience segments and create personalized emails for campaigns. It can also automatically connect various data sources to offer comprehensive views of campaign performance and provide more personalized experiences by identifying customers across different devices​, VentureBeat reports.

On the other hand, Commerce GPT focuses on personalizing shopping experiences. It can create dynamic product descriptions for online stores and translate them for various target audiences. The Commerce GPT experience also includes a bot-based solution, Commerce Concierge, for product discovery through natural language interactions​1​.

Salesforce’s CEO, Marc Benioff, believes generative AI’s impact will be revolutionary, reshaping our world in unprecedented ways. The company plans to roll out these features in stages, starting in summer 2023​.

Photo: Wikimedia