A recent survey by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reveals optimism about AI among 13,000 global workforce respondents. It highlights a perception gap between leaders and frontline employees and a lack of received AI-related training.

Nearly half of respondents, 46%, say that they have experimented with generative AI, and 27% say that they use it regularly. Once again, however, the details behind the averages are revealing:

  • 80% of leaders say that they use generative AI regularly.
  • Only 20% of frontline employees say that they do so.
  • 44% of leaders say that they have received training to sharpen their skills and stay relevant.
  • Only 14% of front-line employees say that they have received similar training.

The report ended with 3 key recommendations for leaders:

• Ensure that there are spaces for responsible experimentation.
• Invest in regular upskiling.
• Prioritize building a responsible AI program.

Image: Wikipedia