Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing arm of Amazon, has announced a $100 million investment in a center dedicated to generative artificial intelligence (AI). This move comes as the company seeks to establish its presence in the rapidly evolving AI landscape, alongside competitors like Microsoft and Google.

The center aims to assist businesses in leveraging generative AI, a technology that has gained significant traction since OpenAI introduced its ChatGPT chatbot. While the investment may seem modest for a company of Amazon’s scale, it underscores AWS’s recognition of the pivotal role generative AI plays in the current tech ecosystem.

AWS CEO, Adam Selipsky, likens the AI race to a long-distance run, emphasizing that it’s still early days. As part of this initiative, AWS plans to hire data scientists, engineers, and solutions architects. The center, which AWS describes as a “program” rather than a physical entity, is already collaborating with companies like Highspot, Twilio, RyanAir, and Lonely Planet.

Despite AWS’s dominance in the cloud infrastructure market, rivals Microsoft and Google have made more conspicuous forays into generative AI. However, Selipsky remains unfazed, reiterating Amazon’s customer-centric approach as its key to success. He also acknowledges the current global shortage of AI chips, assuring that the situation will improve in the coming months.

Selipsky believes that AI will drive the next wave of innovation in the cloud, pushing more customers towards cloud-based solutions. He also asserts that AWS’s commitment to enterprise security gives it an edge over competitors in the generative AI space.

Source: NBC

Image: Wiki