Adoption of generative AI in the utility sector is advancing at a pace consistent with other industries, as outlined by Doug Ross, vice president of data and insights for Capgemini. With 39% of energy companies allocating teams and budgets for generative AI development, they are closely mirroring the global average of 40%.

Despite generative AI’s existence for several years, recent public attention towards it, particularly through platforms like ChatGPT, has spurred its interest across multiple industries, including utilities. These entities view AI not as a disruption, but as a means to stimulate growth. Illustrative of this is a case study showing AI’s application in a call center, which didn’t shorten call times but boosted sales. This was due to AI shouldering routine tasks, allowing staff to build better relationships.

Over half of energy companies expressed interest in deploying AI within their sales teams, along with utilizing it for generating synthetic data to aid IT and development processes. However, Raj Chudgar from data center provider EdgeConneX suggests this still represents surface-level experimentation with AI.

Source: Utility Dive