Employees increasingly seek AI assistance in the workplace to fuel creativity and productivity, with 70% ready to delegate tasks to AI as per the Work Trend Index. However, the use of AI tools not designed for enterprise-level work may put sensitive business data at risk. Recognizing this need for secure AI adoption, Microsoft has announced it introduces Bing Chat Enterprise.

Bing Chat Enterprise provides organizations with AI-powered chat capabilities along with stringent data protection measures. This service ensures both user and business data remains secure and confined within the organization, minimizing the risk of data leaks. In addition, chat data is not saved, and Microsoft maintains a strict ‘no eyes-on’ policy, prohibiting access or viewing of your data. Furthermore, user data does not contribute to model training, guaranteeing privacy.

Whether it’s researching industry insights, data analysis, or seeking inspiration, Bing Chat Enterprise delivers superior responses while promoting efficiency and creativity, all with robust data protection.