Bosch, a leading multinational technology and engineering company, is leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize its operations. The two notable use cases include:

  1. Automated Visual Quality Inspection: This AI-based system uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms to automate the quality inspection process. The system captures images of the product using cameras and sensors. These images are then analyzed by machine learning algorithms to detect and classify any anomalies or defects. This innovative approach has led to significant improvements in efficiency, including a 75% reduction in inspection time and a 50% reduction in inspection costs.
  2. Real-time Recommendation Engine: Developed in collaboration with SPAR India, this system provides real-time recommendations to customers through mobile apps. The system collects data such as consumer profiles and purchase histories, and uses machine learning and big data analytics to generate personalized offers. This has resulted in improved ROI, increased customer engagement and retention, and the creation of additional revenue streams.

Photo: Bosch