Mercedes-Benz AG is streamlining its software development process through the use of AI. The automaker recently integrated GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered coding assistant, into its MB.OS software development process. This latest move is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to harness AI technology for enhancing operational efficiency.

The AI solution, created through a private marketplace in Visual Studio Code, offers software tools to developers and assists in real-time code recommendation and function completion. Magnus Östberg, Chief Software Officer at Mercedes-Benz AG, reported that Copilot “improves our team’s efficiency by suggesting lines of code, helping us to produce code faster and assisting with documentation.”

Despite its capabilities, Östberg stressed that Copilot is not a replacement for human coders. It still requires user input and review, giving programmers more time to address complex issues and software architecture.

Mercedes-Benz is planning to expand its use of AI, hoping to leverage AI solutions throughout the entire MB.OS development process. The move is intended to offer the best possible experience to its developers while optimizing efficiency.

Image: Wiki