German industrial company Bosch is gearing up to equip its employees with an AI-based language model reminiscent of ChatGPT. “By the end of the year at the latest, we will have our own BoschGPT up and running, making it available to all employees,” Bosch Managing Director Tanja Rückert revealed in an interview with Handelsblatt.

Tanja Rückert, responsible for AI at Bosch, also oversees the company’s investment budget and its effective utilization.

The forthcoming BoschGPT, derived from Artificial Intelligence (AI), can comprehend human language and generate text autonomously. Drawing parallels with the widely recognized Chatbot from OpenAI, BoschGPT will enable Bosch employees to converse and write as if they are interacting with another human being. The underlying technology for BoschGPT is sourced from the Heidelberg-based startup, Aleph Alpha.

The primary feature of BoschGPT is its capability to provide answers based on all the data stored in Bosch’s proprietary database. As of now, the vast knowledge within Bosch’s database is accessible only via specific keywords. Hence, for Bosch employees to locate certain information, they need to have a precise idea of what they are looking for. With the introduction of BoschGPT, this process is set to become significantly more intuitive.

Bosch has also developed an AI protective shield to counteract potential risks associated with the new technology, underlining the company’s commitment to both innovation and security.

Photo: Flickr