Microsoft’s Launcher application, introduced in 2017, allowed users to enjoy the Microsoft interface on their Android phones. The latest update to the Launcher is set to integrate generative AI, specifically incorporating Bing Chat into the Launcher’s search bar.

As reported by Windows Central, this integration means that Android users with the Launcher won’t need to separately download or open the Bing app to converse with Bing. A simple swipe down will reveal the Launcher’s search functionality, showcasing a Bing Chat icon.

Tapping on this icon will lead users directly to the Bing Chat interface on the website or app. This feature is particularly useful for image searches, allowing users to swiftly access the Bing Chat search interface and upload images for identification.

The update is also expected to be available on Surface Duo devices. Users eager to try this feature can opt for the Launcher’s beta version, though Microsoft advises caution as beta versions might be unstable.

Source: ZDnet

Image: Wikimedia