Microsoft has announced to unveil its latest Windows 11 update on September 26th, with the spotlight on the innovative AI-driven feature, Windows Copilot.

This addition brings the capabilities of Bing Chat directly to the Windows 11 desktop. Positioned as a sidebar, Windows Copilot offers users a seamless experience, from adjusting settings and launching apps to answering a myriad of questions.

As Microsoft transitions away from its previous digital assistant, Cortana, the company is banking on Copilot to redefine user interaction. This AI assistant is not just a mere replacement; it’s an evolution, designed to provide real-time responses and integrate deeply within the operating system. Alongside Copilot, the update will also introduce enhancements to the File Explorer, Paint app, and a new Ink Anywhere feature for stylus enthusiasts.

Source: The Verge

Image: Wikimedia