Google’s AI-driven search feature, SGE (Search Generative Experience), is receiving exciting updates. SGE will now have the capability to generate images based on user prompts, akin to Bing’s support for OpenAI’s DALL-E 3. Additionally, SGE will enable users to create customizable drafts with options for length and tone.

This enhancement comes amid a series of recent updates to SGE, expanding its abilities to include AI-powered summaries, definitions, coding improvements, and travel and product search features. The AI image generation feature allows users to specify the type of image they desire, with SGE providing four results for download or prompt editing.

To ensure responsible usage and prevent inappropriate content, Google restricts image generation to users aged 18 and older and implements strict filtering policies. These measures aim to block harmful, misleading, or explicit content and the creation of images containing photorealistic faces or notable people’s names.

Users will be able to report misuses of the technology. The generated images will be labeled as AI-generated, and watermarking will be added, thanks to SynthID by Google Cloud and Google DeepMind. The new draft customization feature also allows users to export content to Google Workspace apps.

These features will roll out to a percentage of SGE users, expanding to a wider audience over the coming weeks, primarily in the U.S. and for English-speaking users who have opted into SGE via Google Search Labs.