ChatGPT, the popular AI-powered chatbot from OpenAI, has achieved remarkable success in terms of mobile downloads and user growth. While it has gained wide recognition, it faces stiff competition from other AI applications in the revenue department.

Impressive Growth in Downloads and User Base

Since its mobile launch in May of this year, ChatGPT has consistently gained momentum. In its first month, when it was available exclusively on iOS, it received over 3.9 million downloads, and this number surged to 15.1 million by June. Despite a slight dip in July, ChatGPT continued its upward trajectory, reaching more than 23 million downloads as of September 2023.

Moreover, ChatGPT’s user base on mobile devices has experienced substantial growth, expanding from just over 1.34 million monthly active users in May to an impressive 38.88 million by September.

Strong Performance in Consumer Spending

ChatGPT has proven itself in terms of consumer spending. Its revenue grew significantly, starting at $352,929 during its launch month and steadily increasing to $1.98 million as of September. While it may not hold the top position in the AI chatbot space in terms of revenue, it has certainly shown its prowess.

In September, “Chat & Ask AI” and “ChatOn — AI Chat Bot Assistant” outperformed ChatGPT, generating nearly $3.38 million and $2.11 million in revenue, respectively. Other AI chatbots like “AI Chatbot — Nova” and “AI Chatbot: AI Chat Smith” also performed admirably with revenues of almost $1.44 million and $1.72 million in September.

AI Photo Apps: Thriving Competition

AI photo apps offering editing effects and personalized images are gaining ground and are in close competition with ChatGPT in terms of downloads, usage, and in-app purchase revenue. While ChatGPT remains a leader with 23 million downloads in September, apps like “Remini” and “Picsart AI Photo Editor” have gained significant traction, with 16.17 million and 16.05 million downloads, respectively.

User engagement with these apps is notable, with “Remini” and “FaceApp” attracting over 6.2 million monthly users. Other apps like “PicsArt,” “Wonder — AI Art Generator,” and “Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor” are also seeing substantial usage.

These AI photo apps stand out for their strong in-app purchase revenue. While ChatGPT generated $1.98 million in mobile consumer spending as of September 2023, apps like “Remini,” “PicsArt,” “Wonder,” “BeautyPlus — AI Photo/Video Edit,” “FaceApp,” and “Facetune: AI Photo/Video Editor” have outperformed ChatGPT, with revenue ranging from approximately $2.08 million to $6.42 million.

In a competitive AI app market, various applications cater to different user preferences and needs. ChatGPT remains a significant player with a strong user base and consistent growth. It faces formidable contenders in both the AI chatbot and AI photo app segments, making the AI landscape more vibrant and diverse.