In recent years, GenAI has transformed enterprise applications. Cisco showcased groundbreaking developments at its Webex One conference, integrating GenAI to enhance communication and collaboration.

Cisco’s Latest Webex Enhancements: Cisco added intelligence and improved audio and video quality to its Webex suite. Enhanced support for Apple devices was also introduced.

Sophisticated AI-Powered Features: Cisco introduced advanced AI features like Real-Time Media Models (RMMs), capturing nuanced communication through audio and video data, supplementing text-based transcripts.

Enhanced Meeting Summarization: RMMs enable movie-style video summaries, enhancing meeting documentation.

Webex AI Assistant with RMM Integration: The Webex AI Assistant offers deeper context, auto-generated summaries, and tone-appropriate suggestions, supported by RMM data.

Support for Multiple LLMs and RMMs: Cisco plans to support various Large Language Models and RMMs, customizing the Webex AI Assistant.

Improved AI Audio and Video Codecs: Webex introduced codecs to enhance audio quality and recover lost data packets, delivering a smoother meeting experience.

Cisco’s Ongoing Innovation: Cisco leads the integration of GenAI into collaboration tools, staying ahead of competitors like Microsoft, Zoom, and Google.