November 6, 2023

One more motivation to subscribe the Premium Package of YouTube?

In a groundbreaking announcement today, YouTube revealed its plans to delve into the world of generative AI with the launch of two innovative features for its premium subscribers. These new features will revolutionize the user experience by incorporating artificial intelligence to enhance content exploration and interaction.

1. Conversational Tool for Content Engagement

As part of YouTube’s commitment to enhancing user engagement, a new conversational tool powered by AI will be introduced. This tool will be available exclusively to premium subscribers, allowing them to interact with YouTube content on a whole new level. With the conversational tool, users can ask questions about the content they are currently viewing or request recommendations for related videos, all in real-time while the video is streaming. This feature aims to facilitate a deeper and more immersive exploration of the platform’s vast content library.

The responses generated by the conversational tool will be crafted by large language models, drawing from extensive sources of information from both YouTube and the wider web. This dynamic tool is designed to provide users with a seamless and uninterrupted experience while interacting with the content.

Initially, the conversational tool will be rolled out in the United States and made available on Android devices via a new “Ask” option on the video’s watch page. YouTube Premium members can opt-in to this feature starting today, although it will not be available on every YouTube video right away. It is set to be implemented over the coming weeks.

2. Comment Summarization Tool for Enhanced Community Interaction

The second feature to be introduced is the Comment Summarization Tool, which leverages generative AI to organize and summarize the comments section of a video. This function is a game-changer for users seeking a quicker and more efficient way to catch up on discussions related to a video.

The Comment Summarization Tool also serves creators by providing them with insights into the topics of discussion among their channel’s subscribers. This feature alleviates the need to manually sift through countless comments and can inspire creators to develop new content based on popular discussion topics. Creators can also delete comments associated with specific topics if necessary.

This tool will summarize topics based on published comments, excluding those under review or containing blocked content or from blocked users. At present, the Comment Summarization Tool is available in English only.

Both of these exciting new features will be accessible on YouTube’s experimental platform,, on an opt-in basis. YouTube is committed to refining these features based on user feedback and evolving consumer needs.

Google, YouTube’s parent company, has been actively integrating AI across its entire product line, demonstrating a strong commitment to enhancing the user experience through cutting-edge technology. The introduction of these AI-powered features marks another step in this direction and reinforces YouTube’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

YouTube acknowledges that these features are experimental and aims to start small, with limited availability, to ensure their effectiveness and user satisfaction. Users are encouraged to provide feedback directly within the tools to aid in their ongoing improvement.

The introduction of these generative AI features is expected to transform how YouTube users engage with content, enhance their interaction with the platform, and further solidify YouTube’s position as a pioneer in AI-driven entertainment.