In a bold move to enter the burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) market, Samsung Electronics Co has unveiled its latest project, “Gauss,” a generative AI model named after the 19th-century German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. The tech giant is eager to compete with ChatGPT and other AI heavyweights in the industry.

The world’s leading smartphone manufacturer announced its foray into AI innovation during a recent company conference, where executives revealed their ongoing internal testing of “Gauss.” This AI bot is designed to assist employees in Samsung’s mobile and consumer electronics divisions by helping them compose emails, summarize documents, and provide translations.

Samsung’s move into AI comes as no surprise, as numerous companies worldwide seek to establish their presence in the AI landscape, primarily in response to the groundbreaking developments made by ChatGPT. The tech conglomerate is not limiting its AI endeavors to Gauss alone. Samsung is concurrently developing a coding assistant and a platform capable of generating visuals from simple keywords. The company’s vision is to seamlessly integrate AI services across a wide range of products in the near future.

However, Samsung’s AI aspirations also face mounting concerns regarding the pervasive use of such technology. Earlier this year, the company imposed a ban on employee use of generative AI after discovering that some staff had uploaded sensitive code to the platform, raising questions about security and data privacy.

As Samsung Electronics Co pushes forward with its “Gauss” project and other AI initiatives, it remains to be seen whether it can challenge the dominance of ChatGPT and make its mark in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence.