In a bid to revolutionize online shopping and combat the rising tide of fake reviews, Mozilla has launched Fakespot Chat, an AI agent powered by large language models. Earlier this year, Mozilla acquired Fakespot, a startup specializing in utilizing AI and machine learning to identify deceptive product reviews.

Fakespot Chat aims to assist consumers in their online shopping journey by answering questions about products and even suggesting queries for effective product research. The irony of using AI to counter fake reviews, often generated by similar AI technology like GPT, is not lost. Reports indicate that platforms like Amazon and TripAdvisor have faced challenges with AI-generated reviews.

Fakespot, however, takes a different approach. The startup leverages AI, including generative AI technologies, to enhance the trustworthiness of the online shopping process. For instance, it introduced a generative AI feature called “Pros and Cons” last year, creating summaries of a product’s positives and negatives based on billions of data points.

Fakespot Chat has entered testing this week, allowing users to engage with an AI chatbot akin to seeking assistance from a salesperson in a physical store. The technology uses AI and machine learning to distinguish between real and fake reviews, providing users with reliable information. Notably, user interactions with Fakespot Chat contribute to improving the overall experience for others, but no account creation or personal information is required.

The feature can be accessed through the Fakespot Analyzer or using Fakespot’s browser extension. Users can ask questions about a product, and Fakespot Chat will sort through reviews to provide accurate information. Mozilla acknowledges that the AI chatbot may not be infallible and encourages users to provide feedback for continuous improvement.

Fakespot Chat aligns with Mozilla’s commitment to responsible AI initiatives, including a $30 million investment in, an open-source AI ecosystem. The launch comes on the heels of Mozilla’s Responsible AI Challenge, emphasizing trustworthy AI solutions.

Saoud Khalifah, founder and director of Fakespot at Mozilla, stated, “Our goal with Fakespot Chat is to reduce your product research time and lead you to better purchasing decisions,” recognizing the importance of user feedback in refining the AI model.