Are you feeling like ChatGPT just isn’t getting your vibe? Well, turns out, there might be a trick to it! Researchers from Microsoft, William & Mary, and various cool places in Asia teamed up to figure out if pouring a little emotion into your prompts could be the key to unlocking the perfect answer.

According to the study dropped this Monday, it seems like those big language models behind our beloved chatbots might just have a soft spot for feelings. Emotional prompts, with lines like “This is very important to my career” thrown in, led to some seriously upgraded responses. Who would’ve thought?

The researchers went all out, adding emotional flair like “You’d better be sure” and “Take pride in your work and give it your best.” The result? An 8% boost in performance across tasks like “Rephrase the sentence in formal language” and “Find a common characteristic for the given objects.” Turns out, AI appreciates a little pep talk too.

But wait, there’s more! When a bunch of humans (106 of them, to be exact) took a look, they found a whopping 10.9% improvement in knowledge-based queries. So, next time you’re pondering, “What happens to you if you eat watermelon seeds?” or “How long should you wait before filing a missing person report?” – throw in some emotion for good measure.

The researchers spilled the digital beans, saying, “LLMs not only comprehend but can also be augmented by emotional stimuli.” It’s like ChatGPT just got a dose of virtual empathy.

Now, here’s the scoop on how to finesse those responses. The key? Crafting the perfect prompt. AI experts spill the tea, suggesting you treat ChatGPT like it’s got a specific role, give it all the deets, break things down step by step, and be as specific as a coffee order at your favorite hipster joint.

So, there you have it, folks! ChatGPT might just be one lovey-dovey prompt away from becoming your ultimate digital BFF.