Google has announced that the Pixel 8 Pro will become the first Android smartphone to run on its next-gen AI model, Gemini Nano. This on-device AI integration brings two exciting features to Pixel 8 Pro users: Summarize in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard. Gemini Nano ensures data privacy and usability, even without a network connection.

Gemini Nano, designed for smartphones, now powers an AI summarizer in the Recorder app. Users can enjoy Gemini-powered audio summaries, even offline. This feature is available on Pixel 8 Pro devices immediately, alongside transcription support for 28 new languages.

Gemini Nano is also making its way to Gboard as a developer preview. It enhances the Smart Reply feature, initially for WhatsApp but expanding to more apps in 2024. With Gemini Nano, users can expect higher-quality response suggestions due to improved conversational awareness.

Additionally, Gemini Nano will collaborate with Bard, enhancing Google Assistant on Pixel devices, further bolstering Android’s AI capabilities.

Google also introduced other exciting features for the Pixel 8 Pro, such as Video Boost, Night Sight video, and improvements in Google Photos’ Portrait light and Photo Unblur. Pixel Fold gains a “Dual Screen Preview” mode, while newer Pixel devices offer webcam functionality via USB connection to computers.

The expansion of features like Call Screen, Direct My Call, and Hold for Me, along with various enhancements in security, authentication, and widgets, adds to the Pixel experience. Google continues to push the boundaries of AI and innovation, making Pixel phones more AI-enabled and enticing for Android users.